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People of Eden,


Inhabitants of this damned paradise, make true our wish for this message to be all-reaching.


It was the first rebellion that started it all. Year zero. There was an outburst so strong that it marked a turning point in our county´s timeline, so strong that it was worth using as reference to count our days on this hell on Earth, so strong that it is actually the very thing that caused all the days after it to feel like hell on Earth. This insurgence, of which not much is currently known, failed, but it caused such an impact on the Capitol that in response, its elite created the Hunger Games and forced people from all 13 districts to participate in them. It wasn't until year 75 that the second rebellion struck, with one of its main players being hunger games victor Katniss Everdeen. This time, more organized and more valiantly than ever, they fought, and they were able to strip the Capitol´s elite of its power and turn Eden on its head. Commander Paylor of the rebel forces was appointed president of Panem. It was after the country thrived under her rule for 15 years that the elite Cassius Plinth took President Paylor´s life and her place. Since then, he has ruled viciously. He brought back the misery that the districts lived in in the past, and Katniss Everdeen, along with the rest of rebels was chased down and martyred by peacekeepers.


The Capitol, tree of sin, is home of snakes, liars who have not rested in maintaining our peoples deplorable state as a twisted combination of prey and cattle. We have all been the victíms of submission for years, and hopefully that ignites everyone´s will as much as ours to search for a future in which we are neither hunted nor hunter. That is why, seeing our nation's integrity in decline, we extend at the same time our cry of hope, our cry for help, and our cry of the Mockingjay, which names our project, the third rebellion.


Cassius Plinth, the new monarch of Eden revived the ancient slaughter of the Hunger Games. This year, the 100th edition, a Quarter Quell, will be held. A Quarter Quell occurs every twenty-five years marking the anniversary of the districts' defeat with over-the-top celebrations and, for extra fun, some startling twists and turns for the tributes. For this Quarter Quell, each district will have to choose two traitors as tributes. This will allow Capitol citizens to participate in the games for the first time in history. For this Quarter Quell both Capitol traitors, Plutarch Heavensbee, with whom we sympathize, and Mary, our Mockingjay, known by them as Cassia Snow, were elected.

It might be questioned why ex-president Snow's granddaughter, Mary, would join a cause such as project Mockingjay. It is well known that the first rebellion failed to achieve its goals and instead incited the wrath of the elite of which Mary is descended. It is also well known that oppressed by the elite, the people of this one time paradise decided to fight a second rebellion, with the Mockingjay as their head and symbol. They were successful, but their newly established state lacked the power to stay afloat. The flow of power has once again fallen into the hands of evil as it tends to in its seemingly endless fluctuation.  Mary wants to clear up her bloodline and challenge anyone who means to continue to tyrannize our society as much as the one who polluted her blood in the first place. It is then your duty as much as ours to put an end to this cycle and give power back to those who are worthy of it. 


During the 100th Annual Hunger Games, we invite all the tributes to realize they are standing not in a circumference, facing each other, but in a line, facing a slaughterhouse covered with flowers to imitate the garden of delights. We invite you all to refuse, to let the flirty dance between life and death go on as a spectacle for everyone exempt from it to enjoy. Mary, our Mockingjay, firmly believes in our cause. Let her serve as an example that we won't exclude anyone in our pursuit of a better world for everyone.


As you all know, the Ballad of the Tributes will be held in a few months, and President Plinth will be attending. He thinks she will succeed in romanticizing our deaths, but he will get only the wrath of the spark of hope, which will grow into a graceful flame. His foliage of sins that patches our garden from enlightenment will be burnt down. 


So then … are you coming to the tree?


May the odds be ever in your favor, 

and may this be the war to end all wars, 


Project Mockingjay. 

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